Get Slack notifications about new leads detected by Albacross

About Slack null

Albacross to Slack integration provides you with the simple notifications about the new leads detected by Albacross. You may choose to recieve them to a dedicated chanel or just as a private message.

Note: you will need to have Zapier accout to enable it.

Also, you may modify the message to include the most relevant info, or get the notifications only when the lead is passing filters saved in Albacross previously.

Slack integration features

  • Real-time notifications
  • Customizable message body
  • Notifications of the filtered leads
  • Slack channel or private message notifications

Slack integration pricing

The integration is included in Albacross Premium and Business plan.

Note: you will need to have Zapier accout to enable it.

Slack & Albacross Zapier templates

Slack null screenshots

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